Two Methods for Aeration

Aerating your lawn is simply putting holes in your lawn, but to do so correctly can be done using these methods listed below.

1. Core Plugging/Aeration – This is the aeration method that most people are familiar with. With this method, a machine is used to remove soil plugs from the lawn. These plugs are left strewn about the surface of the grass. This method helps break up compacted soil and facilitates air getting into the grassroots system. Additionally, this type of aeration facilitates the delivery of nutrients and water directly to the roots. It’s best to use this method in the autumn. Follow-up with grass seed and fertilizer.

2. Aerovating – A different sort of machine is used for aerovating. It is equipped with rapidly vibrating tines that penetrate deeply and break up soil compaction in a very effective manner. It’s best to use this method on dry soil. If your soil is wet, you should use the core aeration method.

When Do I Aerate my Lawn

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