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Watering Guide For New Sod

Correct Method For Watering

irrigationFollowing this watering guide for new sod. New sod installation has very important watering needs. Proper watering immediately after installation will ensure the turf gets established, in addition it will also continue to flourish for years to come.

When To Water New Turfgrass Sod

Begin watering new turfgrass sod within a half hour after it is laid on the soil. Apply at least 2 to 3 cm. (1 inch) of water so that the soil beneath the turf is very wet. Ideally, the soil 7 to 10 cm. (3 to 4 inches) below the surface should be moist.

  1. First 2 Weeks After Sod Installation: Water every day, keep the soil moist
  2. 3rd Week After Sod Installation: Water every other day for 1 week
  3. After 3 Weeks go to a Normal Watering Schedule of 1 inch per week

HOW MUCH Water Is Applied & Needed

The amount of water your lawn requires and receives will determine its overall health, beauty and ability to withstand use and drought. Keep in mind that too much water can ruin a lawn just as fast as too little.

One inch per week is the standard water requirement established for most lawns; however, this will vary between different turf species and even among cultivars within a specie. There will also be varying water requirements for seasonal changes and still more differences brought about because of different soil types.

Look at your lawn to determine its water needs. Grass in need of water will have a grey-blue cast to it, rather than a blue-green or green color. Also, foot prints will still appear after a half-hour or more on a lawn in need of water, while on a well watered lawn foot-prints will completely disappear within minutes.

Use a soil probe, such as a screwdriver or large spike to determine how dry your lawn is. If the probe can be pushed into the soil easily, it’s probably still moist, but if it takes a lot of pressure to push in, it’s time to water.

Measuring Water Correctly

The old school method to measure water is to use cans placed through out your lawn to correctly determine how much water accumulates in an hours time. Verify watering quantities with the same measuring can method described above, except you will want to note the time it takes for the cans to collect a specific amount of water. For example, if 0.5 cm (0.25-inches) collects in 30 minutes, you can easily calculate that it will take one hour to apply 1 cm (0.5-inches) of water or two hours to apply 2.5 cm (1-inch).

Water timers can help provide consistency and even be programmed or set to turn-off when no one is awake or at home. Some timers measure just the amount of time water is flowing through the devise and you have to know or calculate how long to set the timer for (see item above). Other units measure the number of gallons of water flowing through it. Knowing that 600 gallons per 1,000 square feet equals one-inch of water will help you calculate the timer settings your lawn will require.

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  1. I haven’t had to use sod in decades (tore up the back lawn when I installed an addition) so this was a nice refresher. My neighbor had sod installed last year and I wouldn’t have clue one about what the right amount of water is. This is a handy watering guide for new sod and as we know, watering is a touchy process. Never knew about water timers, but I’m going to get one this year because I have a feeling it’s going to be a dry summer.

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